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G.P.-S. 81/97143 Z 83 (81/971431) R EPUBLIC OF S OUTH A FRICA APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT ? A. THE ADVERTISED POST Position for which you are Department where the position applying (as advertised)
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Who Needs Application for Employment?

Applying for a job in a government department in South Africa is a complicated procedure. To make sure that a would-be employee fits specific position, they have to fill out application for employment. This form is created specifically for people who wish to get hired for the advertised government position.

What is Application for Employment for?

The primary aim of the form is to identify the candidate applying or specific government position. This form is also used by the authorities to select the candidates who are going to be interviewed. Therefore it is important that an applicant provide accurate, legible and complete information on the form. The application has high security level which means that all information provided is protected against unauthorized use.  

Is Application for Employment Accompanied by Other Forms?

In case a candidate is selected for the interview they may be asked to provide additional information. Applicants who have substantial work experience are asked to attach their CV to the form.

When is Application for Employment due?

There is no specific due date for the form. It is filled out before applying for the position in a government department.

How Do I Fill out Application for Employment?

Application for employment to the governmental entity in South Africa requires basic information about the candidate. It includes name, ID number, place and date of birth, nationality or passport number if the applicant isn’t citizen of South Africa. It is also mandatory to indicate language proficiency level, work experience and qualifications. The last two sections may be ignored if an applicant provides a CV.   

Where Do I Send Application for Employment?

Application for employment must be signed and dated by the applicant and submitted to the corresponding government department for further processing.